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A Safe & Secure Residential Visit for your Child

At Hooke Court we have been running residential trips for children for well over 20 years and have an exemplary safety record. Our centres are warm, welcoming and full of exciting new activities and experiences for your child to enjoy.

Located on the edge of a small village in the heart of rural West Dorset and set in 24 acres of mature grounds your child will be able to soak up the natural beauty of the countryside within the safe and secure environment of Hooke Court, Dorset.


How safe is my child going to be?

We are a member of the council for Learning Outside the Classroom, our equipment is inspected annually by ROSPA and all our staff are CRB checked. We pride ourselves on an exemplary safety record and are fully committed to ensuring your child is always safe whilst staying with us. 

What happens if my child has an accident or is sick?

Your childs teacher will look after your child at all times. However we are always at hand to provide assistance, guidance and support. If your child has an accident which requires hospital or doctor intervention we will be on hand to organise transport etc. We are registered with the local doctors who are more than helpful with the treatment of our guests.

Who is responsible for my child whilst they are staying at Hooke Court?

Your child’s teachers are responsible for your child at all times during their stay. Hooke Court staff are all experienced at dealing with groups of children of all ages. Many of our tutors have come from the teaching profession and often have children of their own which equips them well for tutoring your child. They will keep your child so busy and fill their time with such enjoyable activities and experiences that there will be no time for home sickness!

Do children from different schools mix?

We are delighted to say that the answer to this is no! All schools and groups are accommodated in their own accommodation unit with their own common room, boot room and kitchenette. All groups eat their meals separately. Each group will participate in their own activities.

Will children need additional pocket money?

We provide all the food, snacks and drinks that your child will need. We do have a small shop selling souvenirs and a selection of confectionery. It is up to your child’s teacher whether they would like to make use of this facility.

What are your accommodation arrangements like?

Children are accommodated in fully central heated bunk-bedded dormitories. Sheets, duvets and pillows are provided unless your child is camping, in which case he/she will need to bring a sleeping bag. School staff sleep in single and twin rooms in amongst the children’s dormitories. your child’s teaching staff will decide on dormitory allocation. Each accommodation unit has its own common room, showers, toilets, boot room and kitchenette for making cold and hot drinks.There are also members of Hooke Court staff who live on site and will be able to help if there are any problems.  

Can parents telephone the Centre during the trip?

In case of emergency please call your school emergency contact. They will then be able to contact your child’s teachers.

What care is available during the night?

Your child’s teachers sleep in the same accommodation as the children so are always on hand. There are also residential staff at Hooke Court who can be called on to help in the case of an emergency.

When is bedtime?

This is entirely at the discretion of your school staff. Activities are usually finished by 8.30pm and then school staff will supervise the bedtime routine.

What about children with special needs?

We liaise closely with school staff prior to their visit with regards to children with special needs. We will assess the needs of the individual in the context of Hooke Court and will endeavour to provide appropriate accommodation and activities. Where the special needs of a child are severe we are happy for them to come on a preview visit with a carer to familiarize themselves with the Centre and ensure that we have adequate provision. Some of our accommodation has full disabled access. There are also many paths around the site which are suitable for wheelchairs.

What’s the food like?

We provide locally sourced, healthy meals which the children will enjoy. We also cater for all special diets.

Do you cater for children with special diets?

Our catering staff are very used to providing for a wide range of dietary requirements. All special diets are catered for. We liaise with each group prior to their visit to ensure that we fully understand the requirements of all members of the group. Please make sure your group leader knows if your child suffers from any allergies or has any special dietary needs. We will work with them to ensure that we can cater for your child.

What does my child need to bring?

Clothing and shoes worn during activities will often get dirty – so old clothes are best! We strongly recommend that you name all items of clothing so we can send them back to you if they are found after your stay. Your child’s group leaders are best placed to advise you on what to pack.

Should my child bring a mobile phone, ipod or other electrical items?

We strongly advise that children do not bring mobile phones or other expensive electrical equipment, jewellery etc in case they get lost or damaged. Please ask you child’s teacher for further guidance on this issue. Please note that mobile phone coverage at Hooke Court is limited and only certain networks will work.

Suggested Kit List

This is a recommended packing list. Your school will provide you with a personalized list for your activities:

  • Bath towel 
  • Toilet bag containing: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hairbrush etc. 
  • Night clothes 
  • Socks and underwear 
  • T-shirts/ shirts depending upon the weather. Even in summer we recommend at least one long sleeved top and one pair of long trousers in case the activity requires it. 
  • Trouser/shorts - weather dependent 
  • Living history activities - some groups like to enhance the experience by dressing in clothing appropriate to the period. Check with your group leader. 
  • Waterproof jacket (and trousers if you have them) 
  • Sturdy walking shoes/boots or wellingtons
    (REQUIRED: Summer and Winter) 
  • Pair of trainers 
  • Large plastic bag for dirty clothes 
  • Gloves, hat, scarf (in winter) 
  • Sun hat (in summer) 
  • Sun cream (in summer) 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Torch 
  • Disposable camera 
  • Cuddly toy!

We strongly encourage people not to bring mobile phones, ipods, expensive cameras etc in case of loss or damage. Hooke Court cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any items.


"Thank you for looking after us so well! All the activities were excellent as were the staff running them."

Christchurch Junior School, Dorset

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