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Children learning team building at Hooke Court

Outdoor Adventure and Team Building

NEW Mud Run – ¼ day

Work together to get you and your team mascot around our challenging mud run collecting as little mud as possible as you go! The ultimate physical team work challenge!

Kayaking on the Lake – ¼ day

Learn basic kayaking skills on the lake. This extremely safe environment and our BCU qualified instructor make this an excellent way to introduce your class to water sports.

A separate price structure applies for this activity. Please contact us for details.

Archery – ¼ day

Test your finesse and accuracy with our archery class.

A separate price structure applies for this activity. Please contact us for details.

Raft Building – ½ day

Challenge your class to work in groups to build an improvised raft that they then have to paddle across the lake!

A separate price structure applies for this activity. Please contact us for details.

Children on raft

Low Ropes and Orienteering – ½ day

An excellent way to start your visit. Working in small groups the orienteering exercise will familiarise your class with their new surroundings and the low ropes course will provide them with a challenge to start working together and communicating well.

Forest Orienteering – ½ day

This carefully controlled orienteering exercise will challenge your class to develop their map reading skills further using 6 figure grid references as they set off on an adventure in Hooke Woods.

Shelter Building – ½ day

In groups, the children have to decide on how to build a shelter big enough for all of them. They will have to consider how best to ensure it is safe and find all the necessary materials in the woods to build their shelter. 

Team Building and Command Tasks – ½ day

A series of fun games which are designed to build on the children’s ability to communicate, negotiate and cooperate. These activities become more challenging as the session progresses. 

Children Working Together on a Team Building Exercise

Bridging the Moat – ½ day

See if your children can rise to the challenge of ‘Bridging the Moat’. The children will work in teams to devise a method of sending a heavy parcel from one side of the moat to the other without it touching the water! A great, fun challenge!

Adventurous Ramble to the Magic Tree – ½ day

Climb over tree trunks, negotiate ditches to find the Magic Tree. Wellies are a must!

Tribal Kingdoms – whole day

Having been decorated with tribal paint spend the day learning to live as a tribe. Choose a chief, compose a tribal yell, build a shelter, lay trails and scavenge for materials before playing the tribal game.

Indoor Problem Solving – evening

Work in small teams to solve problems by selecting and using appropriate materials.

Night Line – evening

Work together, blindfolded, to complete a series of tasks which require trust and good communication skills.

Night Search & Rescue – evening

Follow the clues to locate the missing undercover agent.  

Night Walk – evening

Explore the local area at night – can anyone stay quiet for long enough to spot a badger or other nocturnal wildlife?

Camp Fire – evening

Enjoy singing and entertainment around a camp fire either in the woods.

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