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Science Activity - Children making an aqueduct


NEW for 2023 - Science Fun with Forces - ½ day

An investigation of air and water resistance, energy changes and transfer as well as levers and balance through fun activities, all based outside and all totally related to the Science curriculum. 

Activities include:

  • Water rockets – consider the energy transfer and resistance at work whilst firing a water rocket at a target.
  • Water slide – investigate the effect of liquid on friction whilst sliding down the slide using various lubricants.
  • Boulders – make and use large levers to move the boulders.
  • Drag races – run relay races with various materials to consider the effect of air resistance.
  • See saw challenge – working in teams, the children balance on a pivoted beam.
  • Tug of war – use the rope to try and balance the forces against one another.

Science Forces Fun activity examples including water rockets and tug of war

Parachute air resistance 

Rocket Workshop – ½ day

After some fun experiments looking at Newton’s Laws the children then work in teams to build their own rockets before seeing them launched high into the air. The ones that make it back can be taken to school as a momento!

Balloon Buggies and Ice Man’s Hands – ½ day

An examination of insulation properties and then harness the power of jet propulsion in the home-made balloon buggy race.  

Boat Building – ½ day

Investigate floating and sinking. Work in teams to design and build your own boat to sail across the moat or lake.


River Life – ½ day

A detailed exploration of the river to see what plant, animal and insect life it has bred.

Earth Walks – ½ day

A series of fun games designed to heighten children’s awareness of the natural world around them.

Animal Tracking – ½ day

Become a super sleuth of the animal world by investigating shells left under the hazel, acorns on old tree stumps, burrows found in the woods, hairs caught on barbed wire and footprints in the mud.   

Woodland Study – ½ day

A study of the trees, plants and wildlife reveals the nature of how a woodland ecology evolves and sustains itself and why man’s intervention is sometimes necessary.

Populations and Habitats – ½ day

This activity allows the children to use survey and sampling techniques in a range of different environments including woodland, meadow and water.

Pond Dipping – ½ day

Children practise the art of data collection of aquatic invertebrates in our grounds.   

Food chains and Food Webs – ½ day

A practical demonstration of this biological mainstay.  

Invertebrate Safari – ½ day

Search a variety of environments to seek out, identify and record the invertebrate populations.

Fossil Hunting at Charmouth – ½ day

After an introduction to fossils at the Charmouth Heritage Centre take a walk on the beach with a local warden who will help everyone find a fossil to take home. Transport not included.

Children fossil hunting on a beach

Rock Pools and Coastal Ecology at Charmouth, Dorset  – ½ day

A rock pool study provides the children with a chance to learn about coastal ecology in a fun and stimulating way. Transport not included.

Sand Dune Formation at Studland, Dorset – Full day

These unique stretches of coastline is carefully protected and are excellent models for the growth of sand dunes and their changing ecology. The children enjoy a series of practical tasks looking at the stages of sand dune development. The children will also spend time investigating the characteristics of the plants and their role within the ecosystem. Transport to Studland not included.

Indoor Technology Problem Solving – Evening

A workshop looking at simple electrical circuits. Working in teams the children have to design and build lighthouses with their own flashing lights.

Kite Workshop – Evening

What makes a kite fly? After an introduction to forces and the history of kites the children each make their own kite.

Fossils – Evening

A fun workshop looking at how fossils are made and making casts and impressions of fossils to take home.

Shell Craft – Evening

Learn about shells and the different creatures that live in them. Use the shells to decorate boxes to take home.

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