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Children preparing a freshly caught fish


A fantastic programme of activities, led by a bush craft specialist, who will teach your pupils all they need to know to survive in the wild! The stimulating activities include learning about the different methods of igniting fires, foraging and preparing meals and building temporary houses amongst other exciting activities. This programme is a great way of developing self-reliance and personal confidence as well as building your class’s ability to work as a team.

Build a Temporary Home - ½ day

Using a combination of natural and man-made resources, the children work in teams to build a home good enough to sleep in.

children enjoying shelter building in the Hooke Court woods

Igniting a Fire with Natural Materials & Cooking – ½ day

Learn about the various ways of igniting a fire. Anyone who is able to light a fire using friction by rubbing 2 sticks together will get their name engraved on the ‘Fire by Friction’ Board of Honour. Use a variety of techniques to prepare and cook food on an open fire.

Scavenging and Cooking – ½ day

Use a variety of techniques to prepare and cook food on an open fire from a range of ingredients, adding flavour from what you can find in the hedgerows and on the forest floor, dependent upon the season.

Animal Hunting – ½ day

Take a walk to investigate the variety of tracks and signs that can be found, interpreting which animals may have passed by and what they may have been doing.

Camp Fire – evening

A tutor led activity within which the children can join in with singing songs, telling stories and jokes as well as acting out little sketches. An activity where children can entertain themselves without the use of modern day technology.

Foraging and Trapping – evening

Take an evening walk to learn about collecting and trapping any potential sources of food in the local woodland.

Children sat around an open fire
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