Hooke Court in Malawi


Finally the charity is official! We have been able to register with the Charity Commission and are currently in the process of registering with Virgin Money Giving. We will update our website with the details as we receive them.

The school summer term in Malawi is coming to a close and we have been able to provide a meal a day for all 5000 children for the last few months. New crops should mean they will be able to feed themselves for the holiday and into next term. With the poor weather however we are concerned we will need to start the feeding programme again in January. This means we will need an extra £15000 to ensure they all get one meal day from January until July 2017. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been donating so much money, clothes books and toys. We are now busy packing as much as we can to take with us this August. A party of 16 will be travelling to Chintheche during August to work with the teachers and children, to provide some much needed maintenance in the schools as well as to help set up some school ‘farms’.  We now have enough funds to provide essentials for both the pupils and teachers as well as materials to maintain the buildings and fertilisers and seeds to introduce growing food at a two schools.

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Our Round House is completed!


This Easter saw the completion of our very own Reconstructed Round House to enhance all our Ancient History Programmes. The tutors have had a lovely time decorating the inside of the hut with rugs and wall art. Chris is busy drying the skins from our latest lot of lambs to add to the ambience in the hut!

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